Online Meetings

Sunday Morning Service

We are now meeting online! We'd love you to join on our video conference call (Zoom) so we feel more connected but if that doesn't work for you please connect on our live stream (YouTube). The conference call and live stream will start at 10:30am after our time of worship.

  1. At 10:00am click on the large orange button "Sunday Morning Worship Songs" and worship God together with us. 
  2. Then once finished or at 10:30am simply click on the large green button to join our video conference or the large blue button to join our live stream. On the conference call you will be able to interact with us and we will be able to see you. On the live stream you will be able to follow us from your own lounge room but we won't be able to see you.

Time: 10:00am
Sunday Morning Worship Songs
Words to Songs

Time: 10:30am
Sunday Morning Service - In Conference   Sunday Morning Service - Live Stream

After the main meeting there will be several rooms open so that you can join us for a chat. Simply choose one of the rooms and there should be someone else there to talk with. Feel free to move between the rooms as you please. These rooms do not get sent to the live stream, they are private rooms.

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Kids Room

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Come and join us each Wednesday evening at 7:30pm as we learn about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. As we are still not able to meet in large groups this training is currently being held online. 

Time: Wednesdays at 7:30pm
The Gifts of The Holy Spirit - Zoom   The Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Live Stream

Click on the link below to get access to the notes for the current weeks training.
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Session 4 & 5

If you would like to review previous weeks click here.

Regular Online Meetings

Here is a list of our regular online meetings. Simply click on the link and you will join whoever else is already on. You may be the first in which case if it is time for the meeting just wait and someone will join soon.

Click to enter
Meeting ID
Use this link to do a virtual drop in to CFC at any time.

12:30pm Wednesday Lunch Prayer

5:30pm Friday Evening

6:30pm Thursday Youth online

7:30pm Thursday Dart's Home Group

7:00pm Tuesday Josie Home Group

8:00am Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

One off Special Meetings

Start your own meeting

In Zoom you can create your own meeting at any time with anyone. If you do not have a paid for version of Zoom meetings over 2 people will be time limited to 40 mins. If there is just two of you you can talk as long as you like even on the free version.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Find the Zoom app on your phone or computer and open it.
  2. Click on the "New Meeting" button and you will be in your own meeting.
  3. Invite others to the meeting:
    • On a PC you simply select the invite button.
    • On a phone you need to click on the participants button at the bottom and then click on the Invite button.
  4. Once they click on your invitation link you are now in a meeting.

Installing Zoom

The following videos give you a quick run through on how to install Zoom. In most cases this will not be needed because simply clicking on one of the links above would have taken you through an install process if you did not have it already installed.

ZOOM Computer Installation
ZOOM Android Installation
ZOOM iPad/iPhone Installation