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CFC started as a home group in about 1980. It’s first pastor Richard Kerridge was saved in that group and under his leadership God established a thriving church community. The church started meeting in Albury then moved to Wodonga and subsequently moved back to Albury in the late 1990s where it has been meeting ever since. CFC has had 4 senior pastors in its time and has been through some powerful times of revival and some times of great struggle. Through all of this Jesus has continued to give CFC a call and a purpose in the community.

The CFC family believes that the words of the Bible are the Word of God which is living and active in the believers’ life. We therefore teach the word of God without apology as not only relevant but essential to the living of life in our modern world. We are a family that believes in all the spiritual gifts and that they are to be operating in our everyday lives. We actively encourage the operation of the spiritual gifts in our gatherings and recognise that we are all parts of the one body. As each part does its job the body comes to maturity and the Father is glorified as we produce much good fruit.

We love to meet together and bring praise and worship to our Lord and King and it is not unusual for us to spend 40 minutes in song and adoration of our God. This most often leads to a time of sharing and expression of various spiritual gifts. Our desire is to be responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit even if He wants to take us somewhere we did not plan for!

Jesus made it clear that what is required of us is to Love God with all we are and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. It is one of the core goals of CFC to allow the love of God to grow among us and to therefore love each other more completely. Though we stumble from time to time we continue to pursue God’s love which He gives us so abundantly and so we also love each other even in our brokenness.

Wooden Cross outside of the Christian Fellowship Centre Albury Building

In John 14:6 Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (NKJV)

We encourage you to come and meet Jesus. He will show you the way of life and truth and He will show you that God is your Father and that He loves you dearly.




We Are a Church Where

  • People find genuine love and acceptance.
  • People are profoundly changed by God’s love.
  • People are powerfully impacted by God’s Word.
  • People are perpetually full of the Holy Spirit.
  • People worship God with thankful exuberance.
  • People overcome difficulty through prevailing prayer.
  • Hurting people discover a healing environment.
  • People are genuinely cared for in small groups.
  • People learn to relate openly and deeply.
  • Leaders are empowered to lead with faith and boldness.
  • Future leaders are discovered and developed.

We Are a Church That

  • Teaches and lives the uncompromised Word of God.
  • Intentionally reaches out to save the lost.
  • Ministers compassion to the marginalized.
  • Constantly affirms the value of each individual.
  • Encourages personal growth and development.
  • Facilitates the expression of each person’s gifts.
  • Empowers people to reach their full potential.
  • Is constantly growing in capability and capacity.
  • Is a major influence in our community.
  • Is reaching out to the nations of the world.
  • Is totally surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Sees our purpose as fulfilling God’s purpose.

Meet our 



Kym & Heather Wade

Senior Pastors Kym Wade & Heather Wade
Kym & Heather Wade

Hi, It’s Kym here!
I’m the senior pastor at CFC and have been since Feb 2018. You are no doubt reading this to find out a little about our church and the leadership that God has put in place. I think that is fair and I’ll give you a little of my history which may help. I grew up in a Christian home and have been an active part of the church family all my life. Leadership has always come somewhat naturally to me and after training at RMIT to be a communications engineer I worked for Telstra for a total of about 18 years. I spent quite a bit of that time in management. During that time Heather and I married and we now have 5 children, two now married. We chose to home school so Heather has had a full time job running the home and educating our children.

We moved to Albury in 2006 to join the rest of our extended family and became active members of the CFC family. I then began working for a small local software engineering company, and have since become a co-owner – so I continue to keep my hand in writing some software. The professional world helped me develop many of my leadership skills but I always felt a strong call to serve the church. My desire is to see God’s Word taught and lived out in all its fullness. 1 Peter 4:11 says, “Do you have the gift of speaking? Then speak as though God himself were speaking through you.” (NLT). Through no choice of my own I have been given this gift and to speak as though God Himself was speaking through me is my desire and my commitment.

I also have a strong passion to see the Church of Jesus Christ walking in the unity that Jesus prayed about in John 17:22 where He says, “I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one.” and am therefore an active member of the Albury Christian Ministry Fellowship group.

I see CFC as a family and my job as a leader, teacher, shepherd, father and worshipper in the house. My goal is to help that family grow and mature into the fullness of Jesus Christ.

May you come to know how much Jesus loves you. You are very special to Him.

The Wades have 5 children, 2 girls and 3 boys. Heather has been a full time mum and Home Educator for almost 21 years now. Kym has worked as a Communication Engineer and is currently working with a local software development company. Previous to their time in Albury, Kym and Heather lived in Melbourne serving the church and the community there.

Peter & Pauline Dart

Peter and Pauline Dart originally joined the CFC family in 1975, involved in the leadership group until 1986 when they moved to Melbourne. They were then involved with Life Ministry Centre in several areas of leadership ministry. In 1993 they planted a church in South Morang (1993 – 2000). Following this Peter was Associate Pastor at Mooroolbark Neighbourhood Church. They then went on to plant another church at Chirnside Park (2007 – 2013). They moved back to Wodonga in 2013 and re-joined CFC.

Peter holds a Diploma in Christian Leadership, (LMC Bible College), a Bachelor of Theology Degree in Missionary Studies, (Eastern College) and has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Practical Theology at Eastern College. Pauline has been deeply involved in all areas of Peter’s ministry and finds her fulfillment in being a wife, mother and home maker. The Darts have three children and seven grandchildren. Their vision is to see the local Church rise to its full potential in Christ.

Peter was a Member of the Victoria Police (1966 – 1990). He ran a Dry-Cleaning business in Ringwood (1990 – 2012). Peter is currently the Victoria Police Chaplain for much of the North East of Victoria.

Pastors Peter Dart & Pauline Dart
Peter & Pauline Dart


We are a member of the Associated Christian Ministries (ACM) family.

ACM is a network of Australian churches and ministers with a vision to do all we can to fulfil the Great Commission in our nation of Australia and beyond.

We would love to meet you!