Christian Fellowship Centre as a Church has a series of values which we live by. As a New Testament design Christian church community we are first and foremost committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Building bridges and building lives, building the Church, and influencing our world for Christ.

At Christian Fellowship Centre Albury we also value and are building;

A church where people find genuine love and acceptance.
A church where people are profoundly changed by God's love.
A church where people are powerfully impacted by God's Word.
A church where people are perpetually full of the Holy Spirit.
A church where people worship God with thankful exuberance.
A church where people overcome difficulty through prevailing prayer.
A church where hurting people discover a healing environment.
A church where people are genuinely cared for in small groups.
A church where people learn to relate openly and deeply.
A church where leaders are empowered to lead with faith and boldness.
A church where future leaders are discovered and developed.

A church that teaches and lives the uncompromised Word of God.
A church that intentionally reaches out to save the lost.
A church that ministers compassion to the marginalized.
A church that constantly affirms the value of each individual.
A church that encourages personal growth and development.
A church that facilitates the expression of each person's gifts.
A church that empowers people to reach their full potential.
A church that is constantly growing in capability and capacity.
A church that is a major influence in our community.
A church that is reaching out to the nations of the world.
A church that is totally surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
A church that sees our purpose as fulfilling God's purpose.